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Carbon materials research group
(Ref. RNM-172)
April 2015
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Scientific production

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C. Moreno Castilla, M.V. López Ramón, M.A. Fontecha Camara, L.M. Pastrana Martínez and M.Á. Álvarez Merino,  "Competitive adsorption of the herbicide fluroxypyr and dissolved organic matter on activated carbons in the form of grains and cloth", "4th international conference on carbons for energy storage / conversion and environmental protection", 55-55, 2011
C. Moreno Castilla, M.A. Fontecha Camara, M.Á. Álvarez Merino, M.V. López Ramón and F. Carrasco Marín,  "Activated carbon cloth as adsorbent and oxidation catalyst for the removal of amitrole from aqueous solution",  Adsorption-Journal of the international adsorption society , vol.17 , 413-419, 2011
L.M. Pastrana Martínez, M.V. López Ramón, C. Moreno Castilla, J.P. Joly , A. Perrard and C. Morlay ,  "Adsorption kinetics of fluroxypyr herbicide in aqueous solution onto granular activated carbon",  Separation science and technology , vol.46 , 1582-1590, 2011
M.A. Fontecha Camara, M.Á. Álvarez Merino, F. Carrasco Marín, M.V. López Ramón and C. Moreno Castilla,  "Heterogeneous and homogeneous fenton processes using activated carbon for the removal of the herbicide amitrole from water",  Applied catalysis. B: environmental, vol.101 , 425-430, 2011
F. Duarte , F.J. Maldonado Hódar and L. Madeira ,  "Influence of the characteristics of carbon materials on their behaviour as heterogeneous fenton catalysts for the elimination of the azo dye orange ii from aqueous solutions",  Applied catalysis. B: environmental , 1--6, 2011
G. Prados Joya, M. Sanchez Polo, J. Rivera Utrilla and M.Á. Ferro García,  "Photodegradation of the antibiotics nitroimidazoles in aqueous solution by ultraviolet radiation",  Water research , vol.45 , 393-403, 2011
C. Moreno Castilla, M.B. Dawidziuk , F. Carrasco Marín and Z. Zapata Benabithe,  "Surface characteristics and electrochemical capacitances of carbon aerogels obtained from resorcinol and pyrocatechol using boric and oxalic acids as polymerization catalysts",  Carbon, vol.49 , 3808-3819, 2011
M.B. Dawidziuk ,  "Comportamiento de geles de carbón con diferente física y química superficial como electrodos de supercondensadores y soportes de catalizadores de pt", 2011
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